Alternate Nostril Breathing (Basic Nadi Shodhana)

Alternate nostril breathing is a great preparation for meditation and can help stop negative chatter. It is a very calming technique and brings about a reduction in the feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety, while at the same time increasing vitality. The technique balances the left and right brain hemispheres, the nervous system and the hormonal system. It clears the mind and improves concentration and memory. 

  • Balances the nervous system
  • Calms a racing mind

Let’s Get Started 

For the duration of Alternate Nostril Breathing, you will remain seated in a comfortable position. The best time to practice is on an empty stomach.

  • Take your right hand and place the index finger and middle finger down, leaving your thumb, ring finger, and pinky free.
  • Inhale deeply through both sides of your nose.
  • After a complete exhalation, close the left nostril with your ring finger and slowly inhale through the right.
  • At the end of the slow and deep inhalation, close the right nostril with your thumb and slowly exhale through the left. When your lungs are completely empty of breath, fully inhale through the left nostril, close the left, and exhale through the right nostril.
  • Continue with this alternating breathing for up to five minutes with a smooth and steady flow of breath as you surrender to the present moment with a relaxed and clear mind.

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