Essential Oil Bath





Make homemade bath salts with Lavender essential oil by mixing 1 cup Epsom Salts with 10 drops of oil and store in a sealed jar.  I used a small Mason jar for added cuteness.  You can purchase them here.  Adding cute stickers, tags, or decorative cloth can be added for extra personalization.

Every person needs self-care.  When stress becomes an all time high, sometimes the simplest form of self-care can make all the difference.  What better way to unwind and calm the mind than with relaxing essential oils and a warm bath!?

Most of my clients, have been overstressed mothers suffering from mild depression.  They put everything they have into providing for their families. So much so, they forget about their own self-care.  Helping them make a conscious effort in slowing down, breathing, and taking time to relax has provided substantial shifts in their overall well-being.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with self-care and achieving health goals, please forward along the info on my Total Transformation Program.  This program has helped so many reach their weight goals, find clarity, and even remove long time obstacles they have struggled with for years.  It can be EXACTLY what you need!

Remember, we are no good to our families or our work if we don’t first take care of ourselves.  “You can not pour from an empty cup” is one of my favorite quotes because it dismisses the stereotype that self-care is selfish.  It symbolizes that we must nourish ourselves before taking care of others.

Take a little time for self-care and relax in a warm bath- you are worth it.

When you are ready for your bath, just sprinkle 1TBSP of the mix into your warm bath and breathe deeply… it SMELLS AMAZING!!!

This is also a great little gift to hand out to show someone you appreciate them!

Give the gift of self-care to someone you love!