Get Back To Being Wonder Woman With This Sinus Steamer Blend!

It’s that beautiful time of year when the weather becomes cool, the leaves turn colors and our sinuses take a beating from all of the fun outdoor festivities.  To add to our overloaded immune systems, we overindulge with sugary treats and our kids and co-workers infect us with germs.

Before we know it, we are up all night coughing and congested.  Believe me – I know this scenario all too well.  I was once addicted to an over-the-counter nasal spray that my doctor recommended to me after several rounds of antibiotics to treat my MONTHLY sinus infections.  Yes, you heard me correctly – MONTHLY:(

 My addiction to the sprays got so bad that I couldn’t go 3 hours without a “hit” of spray.  This caused my family to worry and, even worse, I began hiding the containers all over the house just so I could get through the day.  This went on for a few months until I discovered a more natural (and non-habit forming) way to unclog my sinuses with this Sinus Steamer Essential Oil Blend.  I even use this with my kids!

So the next time you are suffering from that clogged-up-head feeling, think about your choices for self-care.  Don’t be resigned to feeling miserable, and keep in mind that many of those over-the-counter or prescription medications come with side effects and less than desirable ramifications.  You always have a choice, so make sure to choose self-care.

When my kids are stuffy, I make the exact same blend for them to inhale.  I have them close their eyes since the Oregano and Peppermint can make the eyes water.

I am a mom, wife, student, teacher, business owner, martial artist, yogi, health coach, chef, chauffeur, errand runner, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, and wear MANY other hats! You get the idea!  I cannot be slowed down by a congested head cold or sinus pressure and neither should YOU!  Take care of yourself so you can be Wonder Woman to those that depend on you😀

Essential Oil Sinus Steamer Directions:

  • Fill your favorite coffee mug with super hot filtered water.
  • Next add 2 drops of each essential oil (Oregano, Melaleuca, Peppermint, & Lemon) to the water.
  • Make sure your oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  The ones I use and trust are doTERRA.
  • After putting in your drops of oils, lean over closely to your cup and inhale the steam.  Inhale deeply through your nose and you will start to feel it breaking through the congestion.  A few rounds of deep inhalation of this blend will help you recover from the sinus funk you are in.  
  • No need to waste those precious oils…Instead of pouring out the water when it becomes room temperature, just put it in a diffuser.