In Home Aerial Yoga: Health Benefits & Tips For Easy Set Up

Aerial Yoga can be a fun way to incorporate self-care into your weekly schedule!

You might have heard or seen how fun practicing aerial yoga is, but did you know about its health benefits?  Aerial yoga relieves compression in the spine, builds strength, flexibility, and can even bring upon emotions of euphoria by the reversal of blood flow while hanging inverted.

I’ll never forget one of my very first aerial yoga clients that hired me for a private session.  She was in her mid 50’s, healthy, and in pretty good physical shape, but was living with chronic back pain from a car wreck many years ago.  She confessed to me that she took the advice of her holistic doctor to try aerial yoga, but she was very skeptical that this would provide any relief for her back issues. 
Before we got started, she laughed and said “at least I will get a good workout in”.  After a good warm up, I assisted her in trying her first inversion (saddle back pose).  Within just a few moments within this pose, she let out a BIG SIGH of relief.  She said she had never felt this much relief in her back since her car accident.  She was hooked!
Benefits of Aerial Yoga:
(As always please consult your doctor before starting any new wellness routine)
  • Spinal Decompression and Elongation
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Brings Variety To Your Normal Workout Routine
  • Improves Body Awareness
  • Strengthens Core and Upper Body Conditioning
  • Partial or Full Support of Body Weight
  • May Induce Feelings of Euphoria
  • Reduces Stress

Easy Steps For An At Home Aerial Yoga Practice

Sometimes making it to an aerial yoga studio class can be dang near impossible with work schedules, a sick child, or budget limitations.  Perhaps you are completely new to the idea of hanging upside down like a bat and you are feeling a little overwhelmed and awkward showcasing your skills in front of a room full of strangers.  You would much prefer to have the option to practice in the comfort of your own home.  No need to worry! There are a few options for you!

Ceiling Install

Find a solid piece of wood to attach your mount or hook to. It’s important that your mount or hooks are drilled directly into ceiling joists or solid wood or they will not be able to support the weight. We purchased a stud finder to help us locate where we should drill.  

Locate a portion of your ceiling that is at least 8 feet off the ground and made of solid, sturdy wood.  A contractor will be able to tell you if your ceiling can handle the load if you’re unsure.You also want to confirm enough space (after hanging your aerial yoga equipment) between the floor and aerial fabric that allows for you to hang upside down without banging your head.    Set up instructions come with the aerial yoga sets listed below.

Aerial Yoga Silk (For Advanced Aerial Tricks)

or Hammock With Handles (Beginner Friendly and Handles Help With Difficult Poses and Double as TRX Workout)

or Fly High Yoga Belt  (Limited Poses, But Belt Cushion Is Extra Soft For Those That Find The Silks Uncomfortable Around The Hips)

Deciding on which type of aerial fabric set above depends on your preference.

I own all three and use them with different yoga clients to meet their individual needs.

You will also need:

Two ceiling hook mounts 

Two Pack of Carabiner Clips **included in the Aerial Yoga Silk kit

Optional: Spinning Aerial Yoga Swivel (This is for the twirling action)

No Ceiling Option:  No Problem!

If you don’t have a ceiling option available in your home to hang up your aerial yoga equipment, then look at this portable yoga stand as an option. 

When I started practicing aerial yoga more than 5 years ago, we were temporally renting and I wasn’t allowed to drill holes in the ceiling.  So I purchased a portable stand such as the one shown (above) and enjoyed taking it outside (as pictured below). 


The kids enjoy the aerial yoga practice as much as I do!  You can also purchase fun extras like a spider web swing and rope climb that easily hooks up to your same aerial yoga set up for the kids to play with and get some exercise.  As a precaution, you can also purchase a soft mat , to help support a more gentle landing in case someone falls.

A little Note Of Caution:

Hanging upside down can cause nausea for a few people. So when starting out, move slowly from inversions and only practice a few hours after light meals. This means NO heavy meals right before practicing aerial yoga!

Having water, Ginger Tea, or Ginger candies on hand just in case you feel light headed or motion sickness can help bring relief quickly.  Also nausea patches could be used if you are prone to getting queasy.  

 When starting your aerial home practice, be safe, go slow, but have fun.  It is easy to get caught up in the comparison game and feel like you must immediatley push towards flips and tricks.  No one is judging you, except yourself.  Just know that the aerial tricks will eventually come as you get more confident in the practice.  

Take your time and enjoy the aerial yoga experience!