Lose The Bun – Lettuce Get Started!

Replace that bun with an extra large romaine lettuce or swiss chard leaf to wrap your sandwiches.  Either option is super-healthy and contains way less calories.  Many people notice several health benefits when they remove bread from their diets.  One major benefit to losing the bun and removing bread is a smaller waist line.  What I personally noticed the most was clearer skin and less joint pain.  By replacing junk carbs with a nutrient dense vegetable such as kale or swiss chard, we add more calcium and even fight off inflammation.

If a lettuce wrap is too thin for you, try grilling thick slices of eggplant to use as a bun for a sandwich.  The thick texture of the grilled eggplant will seem more like a bun than the large lettuce leaf.  Slice the eggplant into 1/2 to 1 inch slices and brush them on both sides with olive oil and seasoning of your choice.  Place on the grill for a few minutes on both sides until done.


For smaller wraps, grill thin slices of eggplant or green zucchini (brush both sides with olive oil before grilling) and wrap them around feta cheese, spinach, and sliced tomato with a dash of Himalayan pink salt, oregano, and olive oil.  Enjoy!


For more simple recipe tweaks to fight off inflammation and promote
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