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Choose Selfcare: 90 Day Workbook For Making Yourself A Priority

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Part planner, part journal, this Non-Dated 90-day FULL COLOR workbook is long enough to allow meaningful progress, yet short enough to keep you focused.  

The flexibility of writing in your own dates empowers you to choose any day to start making yourself a priority!

Through the use of mindfulness and self-care techniques, it enables you to uncover limiting obstacles as it provides guidance to address areas out of alignment.  The CHOOSE SELFCARE workbook will help you assess your mood, reveal patterns, and allow you to discover what resonates for you. Whether you have a clear understanding of your personal growth goals or if you have no idea what you most need, this guide will SUPPORT, UPLIFT, and ENCOURAGE you. 

More than a planner or a journal, you receive:

✓  Subtle coaching with the Self-Care Assessment Quiz, daily mantras, monthly affirmations, awareness prompts, mindfulness techniques and self-care tip

✓  Focused direction in tracking your daily self-care actions, such as water intake, supplementation and medication, exercise/fitness regimen, sleep patterns, food choices, and meal preparation

Customization for your unique needs with Printable Downloads

You can expect to experience:

✓  A daily dose of mental inspiration to focus and motivate you

✓  Weekly guidance to maintain and enhance your physical vitality

✓  Support and security for your emotional system to explore and expand

✓  A new awareness of alignment and an opportunity to find your unique balance