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Self-Care is the New Health-Care

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Antidepressants are being handed out like candy without looking closer at the root cause, and that is a HUGE problem that needs to be highlighted and discussed.

In Self-Care Is The New Health-Care®, Melissa shares how easily she was diagnosed with depression, and how it led her toward uncovering the link between digestion and mood.

In this book you will learn a Self-Care S.Y.S.T.E.M. (Saves You Stress Time Energy Money) that integrates:

• Yoga Poses to Ease Stress and Anxiety    • Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

• Homeopathic Self-Care    • Detox Techniques     • Candida Fighting Foods

• Essential Oil Blends      • Meditation Techniques to Instill Peace

When you incorporate these methods, you may experience some new symptoms. These symptoms will likely include:

• Increased Energy Levels    • Improved Focus and a Dissipation of Brain Fog

• Better Mood    • Less Pain and Inflammation Response

  • Reduced Stress and Tension • Diminished Cravings.